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How can I make my tax-deductible donation?
Your tax deductible contribution can be made through Paypal, NY Charities or by check.
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The Angelica Patient Assistance Program
c/o Duval & Stachenfeld
555 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, New York 10022
Why make a donation to Angelica? 

We realize that donors have a choice of many worthwhile organizations that compete for charitable contributions. We believe that Angelica is making a significant difference in the lives of the patients at Coler-Goldwater Hospital and hope that when you know more about our programs and activities, you will want to support our efforts.

If I make a donation, what programs and activities will my money support? 
One of our biggest priorities this year is sponsoring more trips and outings for the patients -- these include outings to restaurants for special meals and trips to see the latest movies.  Since good food is an important issue for all human beings, Angelica is initiating several comfort food programs, including bringing White Castle hamburgers in on a monthly basis, purchasing hot dog grillers that will be used on a regular basis, and serving popcorn during some of the in-house movies.  As part of a "Culture Change" program that is being undertaken by the hospital, we are providing funds to frame patients' artwork that will be displayed all over the hospital, plants for dayrooms and enhancements for the bathrooms.  Other new initiatives include a new visiting volunteer program that takes place at Coler Hospital every Wednesday night and new funding and programming for the AIDS units. We will continue to host a Sweetheart Ball at both campuses, a Summer Carnival and Harvest Ball. We are expanding our Live Out Loud program that brings high school performing arts groups to the hospitals. Other plans include sponsoring more Spa & Beauty Days at both hospitals.  We will continue to fund and improve the Coler Art Center, the Healthy Start cooking program, and the Meditation Garden.  Other programs that we are flourishing are our special interest groups, including a book club, photography club, chess club and karaoke program.  We plan to continue to assist patients who would like to participate in the Fresh Start program obtain transportation to and from that program.
Who decides which programs and activities Angelica will sponsor?
Our priorities are informed largely by patient/resident committees at the Coler and Goldwater campuses. The patient/resident committees have been enthusiastic about helping us formulate our plans and giving us regular feedback on our programs. We also work closely with hospital staff to formulate and execute programs that improve the patients’ and residents’ quality of life. We are especially grateful to the staff from the Therapeutic Recreation Department who devote a great deal of time to our endeavors.
Will any part of my donation be used for administrative expenses?

No. Thanks to the commitment of our volunteers and the support of our board members, 100% of your contribution will be used to sponsor programs for the patients and residents of Coler-Goldwater Hospital.

Does Angelica accept in-kind donations?
Yes. These items would be greatly appreciated:  new or gently used clothing (especially comfortable leisure wear, sleepwear and undergarments), footwear, toiletries, laptops, iPods, DVD players, portable DVD players, DVD's, books and artwork.  Donations of food and beverages for special events would also be helpful. To find out how, please contact us at