How can I make my tax-deductible donation?


Your tax deductible contribution can be made through Paypal (see "Donate" button at the bottom of the page) or by check. NOTE: There are separate Paypal accounts for the general Angelica fund and the OPEN DOORS program (the Paypal link for OPEN DOORS is on the OPEN DOORS program page).  

Mail Checks to:

The Angelica Patient Assistance Program, c/o Duval & Stachenfeld

555 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor / New York, New York 10022

Why make a donation to Angelica? 

We realize that donors have a choice of many worthwhile organizations that compete for charitable contributions. We believe that Angelica is making a significant difference in the lives of the patients at Coler-Goldwater Hospital and hope that when you know more about our programs and activities, you will want to support our efforts.