Current Grants


The OPEN DOORS program received three grants in 2017. The first was a Creative Engagement grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, which supported spring and fall poetry workshops led by World Slam Finalist Steven Willis. The workshops culminated in performances by OPEN DOORS members with Willis at the RIVAA gallery on Roosevelt Island and Communitea, a café in Queens.

The second was a Quality of Life grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation – the fourth Quality of Life grant Angelica has received from the Reeve Foundation. This award went toward an arts ethnographer who worked with OPEN DOORS members to capture their stories in podcasts. Feedback from the podcasts has been incredibly positive – they were featured at our Art Show at Coler Hospital this fall and are available to stream online via the OPEN DOORS website.


Angelica’s largest grant to date came from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, our second grant from this organization. This gift will fund arts and activist workshops, leadership training, and grants to cover OPEN DOORS members’ transportation to school and job training, course fees and other education costs.

In 2018, OPEN DOORS is planning to provide more opportunities for members to help at-risk youth understand the reality of gun violence. They hope to spread awareness by sharing creative work that inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and help build safer communities.

Previous Grants

Sweetie Pig Foundation (2006-2014)

sweetie pig.jpg

General operating support: The Sweetie Pig Foundation awarded a grant to fund and expand our programs that improve quality of life and spread joy.

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grant (2014)

Art for Healing: This program was designed to give long-term care patients and residents at Coler Hospital and Carter Hospital an outlet to express themselves, increase self-esteem, and improve their cognitive and physical functioning. The grant provided professional grade materials, visiting instructors and trips to galleries and museums.

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Quality of Life Grant (2012)

PASSPORT (Patients Accessing Software Systems Presenting Opportunities for Recreation & Therapy): The purpose of the project was to give patients and residents at Coler-Goldwater Hospital access to computers at their bedsides. The grant funded the purchase of iPads, computers and adaptive equipment.

Discretionary Funding from The Office of NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin (2011)

Adaptive Pinball Machine: New York City Council Member Jessica Lappin awarded a grant to purchase an adaptive pinball machine for Goldwater Hospital.

Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation Quality of Life Grant (2010)

Sporting Life: This grant allowed us to take patients and residents at Coler-Goldwater Hospital to sporting events in the New York City area.


Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grant (2009)

Pinball Wizards: This Quality of Life grant funded the purchase of an adaptive pinball machine for the patients and residents of Coler Hospital. The special pinball machine was designed to be used by people with limited mobility.

Liquidnet’s Local Impact Challenge (2009)

General Operating: Liquidnet gave us a grant that we used to expand our programs at Coler-Goldwater Hospital. The Challenge was posted on the Just Means social networking site and contestants asked their contacts to go online and vote for their cause.